After 25 years in change management consultancy, this blog is a platform for communicating some strongly held views derived from that experience.

I invite anyone interested in change to read this blog. Indeed, I invite anyone interested in the way we work today in large corporations to read it. Especially if you are concerned at the progressive erosion of some important core values.

Values such as respect, transparency, straightforwardness and accountability are fundamental requirements of leadership. Much vaunted, these values are rarely seen in practice in corporate business today.

Instead, leaders are frequently self-serving and obsessed with politics. Core values are regarded as negotiable in the pursuit of self-interest. And the consultancy profession often plays bag-carrier on this journey, instead of providing robust challenge.

My objections are not simply ethical; I also believe that this over-politicised world has bred a wasteful and inefficient corporate culture.

Change programmes are attempted many times, and consistently fail to deliver. Huge amounts of time and money are wasted – but there is an abject lack of willingness to confront the political dynamics responsible for failure. Instead, a supplier get blamed, or some procedural ‘lessons’ are ‘learned’.

Ultimately, change leaders and consultants should follow the ambassador’s primary calling:

To speak the truth to power

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