Transparency & Tuition Fees: An Update

Andrew Hickey’s comment on the Tuition Fees post yesterday was timely.

Support for the LibDems has now slumped to its lowest level since the formation of the party in 1988.

If this level of support does not improve, the LibDems would be reduced to only 11 MPs – from the current 57 – at the next election.

In a strange coincidence of themes, both the WikiLeaks and Tuition Fees posts are echoed by yesterday’s Indepedent editorial:

“Lib Dem ministers would not have been caught out by undercover reporters last month uttering criticisms of the Tories in private if they only had the nerve and honesty to say such things publicly…A bit more openness would make for more transparent government, and might save the Liberal Democrats from imploding.” You heard it here first.